Art from the chaos within
Upcoming Events

June 25 & 26th- Lockport Art & Craft Festival

August 13th & 14th-
Lewiston Art & craft Festival

    Hello and welcome to the official site for Artistic Chaos. Artistic Chaos is the creation of Cecelia "Ivy" Marie. I am an alternative artist. I have a strong appreciation for beauty, both in art and nature. I love music as well. I like activities that get my creativity flowing. I pride myself that my artwork is not the same old boring bowl of fruit...

     If you have a project or idea that you would like me to look at and come up with a design. I work in a verity of medias including: oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel. I have also made jewelry, wood burnings, carvings in soft stone, yarn /dread falls, reclaiming jewelry boxes and plenty of other things I can't even remember right now.

     I love working on tattoo designs and hope to start doing tattoos soon. Already have the gun just have to do plenty of practice before poking people.